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Joan Soriano "the duke of bachata"
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Tony Tomás
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Born in the rural countryside of the Dominican Republic, Joan Soriano, The Duke of Bachata, is a true bachatero! Soriano is "a rare combination of new and authentic." His newest CD "El Duque de la Bachata" is hot off the presses and is packaged and released with a 52 minute documentary film . "El Duque de la Bachata" was recorded live in a Santo Domingo studio by iASO producer, Benjamin de Menil. The natural musicality of live sound is central to iASO’s aesthetic. In addition his previous CD "Vocales de Amor" has been getting a lot of praise within the bachata dance community and he has been touring the U.S. and Europe with the Bachata Roja Legends concert.

"Vocales de Amor"
vocales de amor
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Cuando tu estas con el
Que triste soledad
Devuelvele el amor
La Morena
Tony Tomás, is a new bachata musician that is being mentored by Joan Soriano. Joan arranged and played the guitar on all 4 of his tracks. Tony is of Haitian descent and makes his living working hard in agriculture, but would like to transition to a career in music. Download his music and support new bachata.
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New Bachata coming soon: Nelly "La Reina de Swing"

"Vocales de Amor" reviewed by Carlos Cinta

Joan's "Vocales de Amor" album is AMAZING !!! I am a Bachata instructor and music lover myself and every time I do a workshop or festival, I play a variety of the hottest music so the people can feel the energy of the music they dance to and dance as if nobody is watching. It NEVER fails, people ALWAYS come up to me as ask me; "what song was this, and who sings it?" EVERY time the people are referring to Joan's songs... read more


Carlos Cinta "El Unico Bachataero"



  Joan Soriano – ”Vocales de Amor
A review by Bachata Sweden
  swedish bachata      

Our names are Peter and Christine, and together we started “Bachata Sweden” in 2006. We are IN LOVE with Bachata Music – no doubts. We also travel within (foremost) Sweden to promote the dance, music and culture – but we also travel to other countries when time allows (for the same reasons of course). Last but not least – we have done weekly Bachata classes (four different levels) since 2007 – and we have about 90-110 people visiting every week at our classes.

Not very long ago we received a DVD from our close friends Troy and Jorjet (USA) about this guy, Joan Soriano. This DVD introduced us to Joan’s life, how his career started, and what has happened so far in his quest for finding his audience. I (Peter) got very emotional about his life... read more


Swedish Bachata


vocales de amor